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Welcome to my website. This has been designed with a prospective employer in mind, but feel free to browse anyway if you are interested!

I have built up many, and varied skills over the last 38 years since I started work. I am currently working as a driver for Lothian Buses, and have been with them for over 6 years. I had only intended doing it for a couple of years to ride out the worst of the recession, but things sort of drifted along and before I knew it over 6 years had passed.

It suddenly occurred to me recently, that I am now 57 (to be fair, the penny did drop on my birthday), I won’t be retiring until I am 67, that means (desperately searches for the abacus) I’ve got another 10 years (one box of Kleenex and a packet of Prozac later) of work left ahead of me.  It’s ok I’m alright now.

So I have decided that I should take advantage of all the skills and experience I have gained over the years to find a job that will be both rewarding and pleasurable, and make my final 10 years in the world of work, fulfilling.

This website gives a pretty extensive resume of what I have to offer a prospective employer, I hope that you see something within that you think will be of benefit to your company.

Kind regards

Steve Hemmings