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Analyst/Programmer with 5.5 years commercial experience and a degree in computer science


Related experience

1993 – 1997                 Obtained a degree in computer science from Heriot-Watt University

Jan – March 1998      TAIT BUSINESS SYSTEMS LTD (Work placement) as a programmer

                                     Debugging and making changes to existing software using DBL.

March – Nov 1998     McQUEEN LTD as a Software Engineer

Working on a variety of projects localising latest software releases.

1998 – 2001                KSCL as an Analyst/Programmer

Designing/developing software for Mobile Telephony Billing/Credit Control Systems.

03/01 – 08/01            SPIDER SOFTWARE LTD as a Software Engineer

                                     Developing and supporting network protocols, such as X25,

LAPD, ATM. STREAMS programming, embedded programming.

10/01 – 04/02           TAIT BUSINESS SYSTEMS LTD as an Analyst/Programmer

                                    Developing software for Furniture trade.

04/02 – 08/2002     ITS2DAY LTD as a Software Engineer

                                    Designing/developing software for an Event/Resource

Management System.